What is the benefits and features of VC8000?

There is so many benefits and features of VC 8000. Here we try to describe some of them.

  1. integrated condition monitoring
    condition monitoring data can be streamed to optional SETPOINT® CMS software and/or to internal storage in the rack, eliminating the need for networks, servers, and IT infrastructure. Using an embedded solid-state hard drive or removable 32GB SD card, up to one full year of high-resolution data can be stored.
  2. Deep experience
    The BKV-team possesses deep experience gained through developing and sustaining more than four generations of successive API 670-compliant machinery protection systems.
  3. SIL-Capable Architecture
    VC-8000 is suitable for use as part of a Safety Instrumental System (SIS), to implement safety instrumented functions up to SIL 2 when configured, installed and commissioned properly as per instructions provided within the Operations and Maintenance Manual (S1079330) and safety manuals (C107577, C107576, C107578, C107579).
  4. IEC 62443 eSTS Cyber Security Certification
    The VC-8000 SAM module has attained IEC 62443 Part 4-1, Section 9 eSTS Level 1 certification providing asssurance that critical protection functionality will be intact no matter what traffic is bombarding your network.
  5. Robust, rugged construction
    The VC-8000 rack chassis is constructed entirely of industrial-grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel – every card guide, every faceplate, every rack panel. In addition to excellent RFI/EMI rejection, these materials are built to last while maintaining their good looks.
  6. Easily adaptable mounting
    The VC-8000 system’s design allows the same rack to be used in panel cutout, 19” EIA, or bulkhead mounting configurations by simply employing different rack brackets.
  7. High-quality, high-speed backplane
    The VC-8000 system uses state-of-the-art backplane connectors and a high-speed network architecture to facilitate ultra-fast data throughput and outstanding reliability.
  8. Flexible front or back wiring
    When facing forward, modules insert from the front and wiring lands on the front. When facing backward, modules insert from the back and wiring lands on the back. In either orientation, the optional touchscreen display can be mounted in a location convenient for the user, whether directly on the chassis, or up to 10 feet/3m away. Front wiring is recommended for most installations and is the default configuration for all racks. It eliminates back-and-forth trips around the panel to access each side of the rack during installation and maintenance.
  9. Full-color, backlit touchscreen
    With the VC-8000 system’s optional touchscreen, users have at-a-glance, real time visibility of every channel and status in the rack on a single screen – no scrolling, no multiplexing.
  10. Lockable front faceplate
    Whether with or without the optional touchscreen display, every VC-8000 rack can be ordered with a lockable faceplate. It protects all installed wiring from tampering and provides physical security, preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing configuration and data ports.

And other awesome benefits and features of VC8000 will you get if you own this.