Primary functions of Agate-2040

Shake or excite a transducer under test
In shake mode, the AT2040 can be used as a variable frequency and variable amplitude shaker.
In this mode, the frequency and amplitude are set manually by the user while the computer provides high-accuracy measurement signals.

Calculate transducer sensitivity
By comparing signals sent to the reference accelerometer by the signal generation board and the signals returned by the transducer under test, the AT2040 can automatically determine the test transducer’s sensitivity to a high level of accuracy.

Produce a NIST-traceable calibration certificate
Once the sensitivity has been calculated and saved across the test transducer’s frequency range, the AT2040 will produce a NIST-traceable certificate and graph in PDF format.
This certificate is stored in the computer’s memory and may be recalled and exported at any time to a USB memory drive.

Simulate a transducer using a precision signal generator (function generator)
The AT2040 is capable of producing signals over a wide amplitude and frequency using its built-in amplifiers to simulate a variety of charge and voltage signals. This allows the user to simulate a working transducer and is the ideal tool for electronics testing, troubleshooting, or calibrating condition monitoring systems.

Here are the performance you may need to know

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