24x7 Thermal Monitoring Solutions

The Exertherm Alarm Relay Module XL (ARM XL) device is ideal for those who wish to continuously monitor thermally critical electrical circuits, 100% uptime, rather than relying on thermal inspections one day per year. It is designed for busy engineers who need a simple monitoring system to simply inform when and where faults are detected, without any other software.

The key benefits of the ARM XL :

  • Monitoring 24×7 up to 80 Exertherm Sensors and / or up to 60 MCC Drawers for potentially compromised joints and terminations;
  • Using industry standard Modbus TCP/IP allows the pass through of the ‘raw temperature data’ to a host system – this enables data to be integrated, trended and stored according to client requirements;
  • Protecting circuits operating at a low load with the Patented Exertherm LoadMap solution. This can adjust the warning alarm level to suit the maximum load that will be applied to a circuit being thermally monitored. (This is only applicable to the circuits using the 8ch Datacard / IR EM Sensors).

This device connects up to a maximum of 10 Exertherm 8-channel Modbus Datacards (80 Exertherm IR or Wired Sensors) and 5 Exertherm MMA units which can each connect 12 MMD units (60 MCC Drawers). In addition, this device is also equipped with a Comms cable for connection to an 8ch Data Card and MMA.

Touchsreen Display

Features :

  • Plug & Play Solution
  • Pre-confi gured screens allow simple set-up
  • 2 Relay Alarm Outputs (Local & Remote)
  • LoadMap for load related
  • Warning Alarm threshold (on Exertherm IR Sensors only)
  • Panel Mounted HMI
  • Pass through of raw temperature data to host system using Modbus TCP/IP
  • 4 Diff erent Alarms:
    – Switchgear Warning Alarm
    – Switchgear Critical Alarm
    – Switchgear Communication Failure
    – MCC Alarm

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