The Vibration Institute vibration analyst certification program is the benchmark and recognized as one of the highest standards of industry knowledge and competence among professionals in the field.

In-situ Balancing in complicated machine to damp the dominant vibration by putting the correction weight in unbalance area, then make the vibration to be head back into normal vibration amplitude value with no rotor dismantle.

It occurs during the machine operation where stator and rotor have no linear position. It’s still elusive to detect the misalignment problem, because it has influenced by machine speed and stiffness of the system.

There are 3 characteristics that consider in vibration analysis: amplitude, frequency, and phase – where they have their own role in this scope.

Thermographic analysis provides a high-resolution, non-contact means of monitoring the condition of electrical and electromechanical equipment, roofing and wall insulation, and refractories with a detailed report is submitted including electrical anomalies found.

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