Brüel and Kjær Vibro have product monitoring solutions for multiple industries and offer a wide range of products that can best meet your needs and implementations and services can not only help to get up and running but also ensure you get the most out of your monitoring system over a lifetime for all. engine protection and diagnosis, such as for fans, separators, pumps, compressors, transmissions, wind turbine generator systems with extension hardware supported with diagnostic software :


Plant-wide online condition monitoring not only improves machine uptime, productivity, efficiency and reliability, it also reduces life cycle costs! With little investment, you can extend your machine protection system to include powerful plant-wide condition monitoring capability.

VCM-3’s Benefits :

Easy to Deploy : No expertise required. Our Quick Start guide will get you up and running in no time

Open Communications : Seamlessly integrates to DCS, Historian and other systems including wireless.

Scalable : One hardware platform that can be upgraded as your expertise grows–up to advanced fault diagnostics

Cyber-Secure : Secure one-way data flow solutions that do not expose your infrastructure to cyber-attack

Actionable Insights : ISO “traffic-light” fault alarms show machine health


An effective protection solution will evaluate several machine parameters to shut the machine down only when necessary to protect the machine and its environment.
Early warnings based on vibration measurements correlated with operational and environmental conditions are vital to optimize uptime and machine maintenance strategies. For critical machinery, machinery protection is standardized in the API 670 norm.

VC 8000
  • Full API 670 compliance
  • Integral touchscreen display
  • 56 channels in just 19” of rack space
  • Ultra-reliable architecture
  • Dual- and even triple-redundant power
  • Industry-first full (including waveforms) connectivity to your PI Server
  • Easy upgrade to condition monitoring (no extra hardware needed)
  • Embedded ultra-high resolution flight recorder to capture up to one full year of condition monitoring data even without a CM server
  • Refreshingly competitive pricing
  • And of course, globally available service via our worldwide B&K Vibro network of partners and factory-direct personnel.

The VC-8000 is recognized as a world-class machinery protection system. When associated SETPOINT® CMS, it serves as a condition monitoring, and diagnostic platform. The system is normally permanently installed and connected to one or several rotating or reciprocating machines.
As a portable system, the VIBROPORT 8000 user enjoys multiple methods of data acquisition. The system operates equally well in standalone modes, connected to a laptop, or to an OSIsoft PI historian.

The VIBROPORT 8000 benefits:

Field-proven VC-8000 design
Robust, reliable hardware at an attractive pricing
Compatibility with OSIsoft PI system
Advanced dynamic data due to patented iFactor technology
4- hour customer training included in package price
12 months of phone and email support included
For technical details, see quick guide and application note for download


A full range of quality vibration sensors and transmitters to meet with a variety of environments and condition monitoring and machine protection applications.

3 types of vibration sensors : Displacement sensors, Velocity sensors (“velocimeters”), Acceleration sensors (“accelerometers”).

We select the sensor type/units based on:
Frequencies of interest (higher or lower frequencies),
Bearing type (rolling-element bearing or joural bearing).

BKV Software

  • SETPOINT® CMS Software powered by OSIsoft PI®
  • SETPOINT® to PI Adapter
  • VC-8000 Setup Software
  • VIBROSUITE – Standalone Wind Turbine Monitoring
  • Report & Examiner Software – ReX Premium
  • Report & Route Manager Software
  • Compact Setup Software for Configuration of VIBROCONTROL 9xx & VIBROCONTROL 18xx
  • Compact Setup Software for Configuration of VIBROCONTROL 9xx & VIBROCONTROL 18xx

The comprehensive product range consists of vibration sensors (acceleration, speed and displacement), vibration monitors, handheld devices, and factory-wide integrated monitoring solutions. These products plus a comprehensive range of services meet the most demanding applications for monitoring the safety, condition and performance of rotating machinery.

When choosing a suitable vibration & condition monitoring instrument to protect a machine the following points must be taken in account :

  • What type of machine and how many measure points to be monitored ?
  • Is the machine designed with rolling-element or friction bearing ?
  • Which sensor provide optimal result – displacement, velocity or acceleration sensor ?
  • Is the monitoring equipment to be stored in a control cabinet or mounted near the machine ?
  • What are the requirements regarding the communication of measurement data ?
  • Is an offline handheld measuring instrument to be used to detect early damage to the machine and is it necessary to field balance rotors ?

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