bkv Pioneer in Machine Monitoring Solutions The comprehensive product range comprises vibration sensors (acceleration, velocity and displacement), vibration monitors, handhelds and rack-based plant-wide integrated monitoring solutions. Brüel & Kjær Vibro OSIsoft The market-leading data management platform
for industrial operations
What makes the PI System unique is its ability to collect enormous amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from any source - consistently, reliably and accurately. Then share that data in intuitive ways with people and tools that can make a difference. OSIsoft's PI System >>>
IMI-sensor Industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation
(accelerometers, vibration transmitters and switches)
Used to spot imbalance, bearing faults and misalignment by measuring machine vibration, providing early fault diagnosis thus reducing downtime. IMI Sensors

Imagine if your VMS/MPS/TSI protects the machine as it should so that your machine trips while it is operating, namely auto-shutdown because the protection system detects an unsafe condition so that it activates a trip command to protect the machine. First of all, you must want data on why the trip occurred. If an online networked CMS isn’t available, or if there’s a problem, you won’t get the answer. Here comes the FLIGHT RECORDER!


What is Descriptor in VCM-3

Monitoring Balance-of-Plant (BOP) & lower critical machines.


Sensors for oil & gas industry

What type of sensor that suit for your industry?



Why Agate called as the most advanced portable calibrator?


OSISoft’s PI System

From disparate data to smarter business decisions, view our Youtube channel.

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